NEA Members for Our Revolution

NEA Members for Our Revolution is a caucus of the National Education Association organized to:

Our nation is at a crossroads

As union participation rates decline, real wages of working people fall, and inequality grows (see USA Today,The New York Times, and Economic Policy Institute). Further attacks on our deeply embattled movement loom on the horizon (see NEA).

NEA Members for Our Revolution is an organization of educators who are progressive fighters in the struggle to turn back the assault on our lives and our dignity as working people. We are social movement unionists working to defend and improve the lives not just of our members, but of the students we serve and the neighbors in the communities in which we live.

Support the National Our Revolution Issues

Our Revolution is working to win medicare for all, a green new deal, good jobs for all, cancelation of student debt, justice and rights for immigrants, reform of our broken criminal justice system, and to stop endless wars. On several of these issues, our union needs a push to get to where it needs to be to represent the needs of our members, students, and communities.

Get Our Members Out to Vote!

We need to get out the vote next November to defeat Donald Trump! We understand full well that electing Joe Biden will only be the beginning of our struggle, not the end of it. Until we have a Medicare for all, a Green New Deal, good jobs for everyone looking for work, the cancelation of student debt, justice and protection for immigrants with a clear pathway to citizenship, criminal justice reform and an immediate end to mass incarcaration, and a stop to endless wars, our struggle will continue.

We support the statement by Rand Wilson and Peter Olney that Bernie Is Right: Unite to Dump Trump.

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